Network with Las Vegas Wedding Pros

What is the best way to network with other wedding professionals?

In addition to belonging to local wedding networking associations like WIPA, NACE, CSA and more, One of the best ways to network with fellow wedding pros is to participate in a wedding expo. When you become part of the Bridal Spectacular wedding expo family, you join forces with other wedding professionals to provide engaged couples with the information they need to plan their wedding. In the trade show environment, you get to know more about your fellow Las Vegas wedding pros, you share a common experience, spending over 12 hours under the same roof in a fun and festive situation.

The businesses you get to know this way will become your primary referral source for many years to come. During the expo you are able to send couples over to their booths and they can do the same for you.  This completes the referral circuit in a much more efficient and quick way than giving out phone numbers and info that may not be followed up on.

So if you are not currently signed up to participate in a bridal show, what are you waiting for?  Has it been years since you did one?  There are always new brides and grooms and they want to meet you in the way that is most convenient for them, maybe its time to put bridal shows back into your marketing mix.

When choosing a bridal show make sure you choose one with experience, The Bridal Spectacular has been producing events in Las Vegas since 1991.